Income Support

To qualify for Income Support you must be able to answer yes to ALL of the following questions. Are you: Between 16 years old and Pension Credit Qualifying age? Pregnant or a carer or a lone parent with a child under 5 years old or unable to work because you’re sick or disabled? On a low income or no income? (NB if you

Dealing With Debt (2)

There are many reasons why people find themselves struggling with money or in debt. It might be that something unexpected or out of your control has happened and you’re left feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Below we’ve written some information and advice that will help you to budget your money, manage bills, find strategies for dealing

Dealing With Debts
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Dealing With Debts

There are a number of ways in which you can deal with debts. Below is some information on different options that might be available to you, but a professional adviser will be able to help you figure out which one is most suitable for you. Voluntary payment plan: You may be able to negotiate an agreement

Dealing With Priority Bills

Paying your rent Firstly, check whether you are entitled to housing benefit (even if you are in work you may still qualify). If you are already receiving housing benefit but it is not enough to cover your rent, you can apply to your local council for an extra discretionary housing payment. You don’t have an automatic

Soft Skills

If you feel like you’re lacking the skills needed to land a job, chances are you’re viewing yourself in the wrong light. Almost everyone has a whole range of ‘soft skills’ ready and waiting to be utilised. Most people use soft skills on a daily basis, and they can be applied within the workplace to everything