Rights in the Workplace: A Guide

Getting the right balance between work life and home life can be a challenge for anybody, but especially if you are a single parent. There are many things to consider, like managing your working hours around taking care of your family, taking time off if you need to look after a child’s needs, or taking a

Flexible Work

If you have children, and particularly if you are a single parent, it is possible that full time employment might not be feasible for you if you’re trying to juggle family responsibilities too. However there are many flexible working options available, which we’ve set out in the information below. Temporary work – Often you will come

Work and Childcare

If you have children, it is likely that when you start work you will need some form of childcare. The type of childcare you need will depend on the age and needs of your child or children. Parents are often apprehensive about putting their children in childcare, and whether or not you decide to use

Soft Skills

If you feel like you’re lacking the skills needed to land a job, chances are you’re viewing yourself in the wrong light. Almost everyone has a whole range of ‘soft skills’ ready and waiting to be utilised. Most people use soft skills on a daily basis, and they can be applied within the workplace to everything